Hi, we are Lisa and Marco and this is our blog to share all our training, coaching and nutrition tips for triathletes and/or anyone who enjoys sport and exercise. Training and nutrition are two of our biggest passions i.e. we love to eat therefore we have to train to stay fit and healthy. Marco has an incredibly sweet tooth and loves all things desserts and I would happily call myself a bread monster, born in Ireland, I grew up living on bread and potatoes and haven’t quite shaken that off.

Living in Italy brought all of these passions together to form Acttivo. We can spend hours cycling in the Italian countryside, in glorious sunshine may I add, before coming back to cook a mouth-watering fresh Italian dish. What more could you wish for! We live in an idyllic fishing village just south of Rome called Anzio were there are amazing cycling and running routes into Rome, open water swimming in the Mediterranean and with fresh fish coming off the boats every morning, and fresh vegetables grown all around us, it is an extremely healthy way of living. That is until Marco gets a sweet craving and we have to pop to the local gelatoria for some of Italy’s finest home-made ice-creams. Ok, I don’t actually have to be dragged there 🙂

VegStandThe local vegetable stand

IMG_1192Marco dragging me out for ice-cream

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and we would love to hear your thoughts on all of our training, coaching and nutrition tips too.

Ciao xxx


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