Eat Well


Hi i’m Lisa and I will be providing most of the recipes and nutrition advice for this Acttivo blog. I say most and not all because my husband Marco is a phenomenal cook and therefore I will be sharing his recipes too; he has taught me so much about food in the six years i’ve known him which I am truly thankful for 🙂

I love this quote as it resonates with Marco and I. We are huge foodies and believe that food is important for all aspects of health; food is medicine; food nurtures the body; food improves mood and emotion; and food fuels sports performance.

As a qualified performance nutritionist I learnt how different types of food effected metabolism for various sporting activities but I never really learned about the power of food per se. I only really started to believe in the power of food when I was diagnosed with cancer; it is only when you are faced with something so frightening that you recognise where you have been going wrong. I was always of the mentality, I am exercising so I can eat what I want. It’s true that I was never really a poor eater, I always ate fairly healthy but I never considered what I was putting in my mouth until I became ill.

My cancer journey allowed me to consider immunity, gut health, various diets, chemicals in food and where my food came from in a more profound way thus broadening my nutrition application to both health and sports performance. As a fast growing area of health and research, nutrition can be very confusing for those who do not have the time or desire to study it in detail therefore the one key message I would deliver is, “there is not one exact way of eating for the masses“. Choose an eating plan that works for you as an individual and enjoy having fun with recipes you love.

My nutrition advice comes from many years of scientific knowledge about nutrition science, my love of italian food, my journey to stay healthy and my current work with elite athletes. I am learning something new about nutrition, elite performance and health and wellness everyday and this blog provides a platform for me to share this with you. I hope enjoy my ideas, recipes and advice, and I look forward to hearing your feedback along the way.

 Lisa x


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